Fairness Principles

We have set a high ambition for Sheffield to become the fairest city in Britain.

For this to happen, many things need to change: the culture of the city, those who make strategic decisions for it, and everyone who lives and works here.

Given that fairness is a complex concept, the Fairness Commission developed the following guidelines to help policy makers and citizens make Sheffield a fairer place for everyone.

Download a printable version of the Fairness Charter here.

  • 1
    Civic responsibility – all residents to contribute to making the city fairer and for all citizens to have a say in how the city works
  • 2
    Those with the most resources should make the biggest contributions
  • 3
    The commitment to fairness must be for the long-term
  • 4
    The commitment to fairness must be across the whole city
  • 5
    Preventing inequalities is better than trying to cure them
  • 6
    To be seen to act in a fair way as well as acting fairly
  • 7
    Those in greatest need should take priority
  • 8
    An open continuous campaign for fairness in the city
  • 9
    Fairness must be a matter of balance between different groups, communities and generations in the city
  • 10
    The city’s commitment to fairness must be both demonstrated and monitored in an annual report

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