Our Fair Employer Charter

Sheffield is committed to becoming the fairest city in the country. Local employers will support this ambition, recognising that championing fairness is important for the city and also central to recruiting and retaining the most talented individuals and clients and contributing to the best type of economic growth.

Business leaders in Sheffield have therefore developed the Fair Employer Charter.

Simply tick the boxes below to sign the Fair Employer Charter.

  • 1

    Instil a culture of fairness, teamwork, engagement, accountability and enjoyment.

  • 2

    Ensure that all staff have the opportunity to seek out innovative practices and products and contribute to sustainable growth.

  • 3

    Aspire to exceed the recognised living wage, promote fair and flexible contracts of employment, and deploy recruitment and employment practices that identify and support talent, value diversity and promote aspiration and social mobility.

  • 4

    Commit to the delivery of excellent working conditions, high ethical standards, positive health and wellbeing. and training, development and reward opportunities for all.

  • 5

    Promote the Our Fair City Campaign to other Sheffield organisations.

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