Be A Champion

What is a Fairness Champion?

The best way to help make Sheffield Fairer is to facilitate change by example, showing people that through the power of small actions, we really can build a fairer and better city.

To move Sheffield towards being a fairer city, we want Champions - people who will commit to doing a specific action or are already doing great work to help and support others.

We are currently connecting with and building a database of projects, initiatives and organisations who are working to Make Sheffield Fairer, so that we can give our Champions one-off tasks and more regular time-based opportunities that they can commit to.

We also want to hear from all the people already making a difference, sign them up as Champions, showcase what they're doing and start finding ways that we can help them.

Anyone who lives, works, studies or does business in Sheffield can become a Fairness Champion.

Take a look at our other Fairness Champions.

Your pledge

I have an amount of time per week / month to give to supporting
I would like a one off task I could do to help
Please tell us about what you're doing and how we could help

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