Our Fair City

Together we can make a difference

Our Vision for a fairer Sheffield

We want Sheffield to become the fairest city in Britain and we need your help. By working together we want to make our great city a place that we can really be proud of. Be a part of the change. Fairness matters.

Fairness Principles

How can you get involved?

Everyone can do something to help make Sheffield fairer. From making a pledge to signing up to be a Fairness Champion, it’s easy to get involved.

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Pledge and make a difference

Show your support. Make a pledge as an individual or as an organisation.

I will respect all individuals regardless of their background

Jeff Smith from Hillsborough
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It takes 2 minutes to make a difference

Become a Fairness Champion and help others make a difference

A Fairness Champion is someone who is standing up for Fairness in Sheffield and making a real difference for people in their local community, company or organisation in the wider city.

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It takes 5 minutes to start making a change

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